Making ACO implementation a dream, not a nightmare.


Bewilderment is exactly what you don’t need.

The ceaselessly changing world of health care regulation is confusing enough without our adding to the chaos. Instead, we’re an oasis of order bringing understanding to the process. Payers are asking providers of healthcare to perform administrative – insurance type services and to be at risk for meeting quality and cost requirements.

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We don’t just talk about getting things done, we actually get them done.

Some people talk, others do. We fall squarely in the latter camp. Rather than merely spouting the latest buzzwords and catchphrases, we come to work prepared to actually get to work on implementing solutions for all aspects of your business. Payers currently use Sage to help providers meet such requirements as cost efficiency, quality, patient information and regulatory changes.

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The clock is ticking. We help you build an ACO that fits…fast.

“One size fits all” is great in theory, but a disaster the first time you try on a shoe that’s two sizes too small. The same is true of companies that try to force-fit a solution for your company with no regard for the customization that’s required to really make it right for you. Do you really want a “one size fits all” ACO?

We step into the shoes of what the payer or providers need to get done and implement the Sage toolbox to meet operational and regulatory requirements.

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