Helping providers manage the transition to value-based care.

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Navigating the chaos

Nobody has to tell you that the health care marketplace is changing. Sage offers a range of services that help hospitals, clinics and physician groups manage the risks those changes have created. Our expertise and data collection, reporting and analysis tools can help improve patient outcomes, increase operational efficiencies and boost financial performance.

That’s how to bend the cost curve.

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A trusted, independent expert, we eliminate reporting and care management headaches.

Building on our long experience as a third-party administrator helping hospitals and clinicians submit paperwork, respond to insurer requirements and get paid, Sage has become a regional leader in delivering solutions to manage pay-for-performance medical care contracts, handle physician-and hospital-based reporting /analytics, and apply effective population health management strategies – in addition to continuing to provide a suite of back office operational and financial services.

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The clock is ticking. We can help build an ACO that fits . . . fast.

ACOs or accountable care organizations are an important facet of the evolving health care marketplace with its new payment and care models. Sage works with hospitals and health systems to assess their capabilities in several core competencies necessary for successful ACO implementation. We offer a scalable solution that allows you to establish an ACO that improves the quality of care, reduces costs and increases revenue.

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